Econolution Inc. is a Canadian Corporation with our headquarters located in Alberta.

Our focus is dedicated to supporting, strengthening and building relationships within your community on the TownLife Community Network. Through the use of state of the art technologies, like our innovative TownLife Hub Network, we are able to provide website development, email, and hosting services that are specifically designed for the needs of supporting communities.

By bringing the many members of a smaller community together, we are able to create a greater online presence and virtual online community that geographically connects and supports all members within the community. It is in this way that we are able to provide our customers with the ability to compete with larger organizations.

Econolution Inc. strives to be the market and momentum leader in connecting community websites.


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"Helping Communities Diversify, Grow and Prosper!"


Community Values

Econolution and the TownLife Community Network are built and based on community values. What makes small communities great is the way people come together to accomplish their goals and help their neighbors. At Econolution, we follow that philosophy.

By creating TownLife, the world's largest regional online community network of websites, we are able to increase traffic to all members of the community network. In essence, our community network increases traffic to your neighbors website and your neighbor increases visitor traffic to your website through localized linking and related website content. The more visitors that come to the network, the greater the benefit for all. Experience the power of Community Website Networking!

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