Our Library Community Partners

Econolution Inc. works closely with local libraries to ensure that our communities remain vibrant and have local resources available to help you. 

Into the future with TownLife

TownLife works closely with your libraries to help achieve three main goals.

1. Support strong public library services

TownLife Library service today includes:

  • librarian website training to enhance public library programs;
  • librarian knowledge to help members of your community take advantage of online services;
  • easy visitor and librarian access to information collections and databases 24 hours a day

Building on a solid base means maintaining traditional library services while adopting new technology and innovations.

2. Promoting collaboration and innovation

Public library services will be improved by our TownLife partnership. This includes:

  • online promotion of library services;
  • inviting visitor input through blog discussions;
  • allowing visitors to be notified of updates with the subscribe ability;
  • innovative use of technology by taking advantage of TownLife's hub collaboration features

3. Capitalizing on technology

Technology will be used extensively to enhance existing library service and promote collaboration and innovation between libraries. TownLife is the vehicle of choice on today's ever increasing internet super highway.

Community Matters!

If you are looking for a way for your municipality, business, sporting team or community group to stay on top of the world of changing technology, need some help to get there, or just have some questions that you would like answered, please feel free to contact us we are more than willing to help you, after all that is what a community is all about, and community matters to us.


Helping Rural Communities Diversify, Grow & Prosper.



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