Open Data

Open data makes Government data available in machine-readable formats for citizens, private sector organizations and not-for-profit organizations to reuse in innovative ways It's about letting citizens explore our data sets to find information that is of value to them.

Why Open Data?

Open data initiatives foster innovation, job creation and improved community services and help create new business or research opportunities. They also allow citizens to access data to learn about and participate with their government.

How do we achieve this?

TownLife is working to share information:

  • to provide single-window access to municipal datasets
  • to make data available for commercial or research purposes to benefit everyone

For more information, please contact us to see how your municipality can join our OpenData initiative.

Partner Opportunity

Econolution is continually looking for like-minded organizations to work with and deliver exceptional online services while promoting the importance of community.

Please contact our sales department if you wish to discuss this in more detail.