UFO Landing Pad

Town of St. Paul, Alberta, Canada presents the World's First UFO Landing Pad

50th Ave - 53 Street St. Paul, Alberta Canada T0A3A1
Phone Number:
(888) 733-8367
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Town of St. Paul Presents

World's First UFO Landing Pad

In 1967, a proposal was made to build the world's first UFO Landing Pad as a landmark for the town. The Government of Canada responded to this proposition and, during the grand opening on June 3 1967, St. Paul was declared the Centennial Capital of Canada.

In the 1990's Mayor Paul Langevin officially opened an adjacent UFO tourist information centre to welcome visitors. As you enter St. Paul from the West, drop in to visit this landmark and see the UFO exhibit downstairs. This is an opportunity to view actual photographs of UFOs, crop circles and cattle mutilations. The exhibit is designed to educate. A UFO Hotline compliments the display with reports of UFO sightings and encounters of all kinds.


Sightings Call: 1-888-733-8367